Friday, October 4, 2013


A few weeks ago, Mattie realized he had a plethora of days off left. This led to us deciding that he should use a couple, if not able to use all of them, to renergize in this last sprint to the end of his masters. Yesterday was our date with Johnny. We got coffee, walked the mall, had lunch, and ran a couple errands before the girls got out of school. They were super excited to see Daddy picking them up too! Tonight, Matt's parents watched the girls while we went out to eat. It was nice to have some impromptu time together over a relaxed meal! We even had a bit of excitement when paramedics had to be called to help a woman at a table near us. It's been hard to connect with so much of Matt's time devoted to school, that yesterday and tonight felt extra needed and thus, extra rejuvenating. We are so glad for each other and I am so proud of what he does for us!

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