Sunday, October 20, 2013


Life is getting crazier if that is possible. I am Working a lot for my online job, working a lot for my mom, and Mattie's job is busier too. His course load is significant and he is prepping for his 2 week international trip. We have two birthdays coming up, followed by the holiday season, and everything else involved with that. I am trying to get on top of the house cleaning situation and organize Tiny blessings as well. I don't feel hectic. I am, but extra stuff to do usually leads to more of it getting done for me. I like to find that perfect spot right before "ready to snap" and stay there. It's where I do some of my best stuff! The business gives me a sense of calm!

You know you are on the right path when, at a new volunteer opportunity, you go to the restroom and find a sign that says, " Help Wanted. Volunteers don't necessarily have the time, they have a heart." I would edit it to say, "they have they heart", but the message speaks volumes with or without the edit. I may not have the time, but I have the heart, so I jumble and shuffle and plot everything out to get it done. I am so excited for this opportunity and plan to pour a lot into it. Feeling particularly blessed.

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