Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mac's Bday Party

MacKenzie insisted on an "All the Princesses" birthday party this year. Thank goodness, all that meant, was a cake with more than one princess, an evite with multiple princesses on it, and napkins that had more than one princess. Everything else was fine in pink and purple!

We invited over 12 of her little girl friends ("only girls can be princesses mom") and invited their moms to stay or go have fun with their little princes if needed! We had spaghetti and meatballs, veggies and dip, breadsticks braided like Rapunzel (total waste of time, the girls didn't even notice), juice pouches, and cake. Mac got to pick out her menu, helped bake her cake (pink cake with purple frosting), and helped pick out goodie bag stuff and decorations. It was funny to see her personality emerge. We set up the canopy borrowed from friends with lights and pink tulle and the girls painted little canvases (great activity, very hard to clean little hands when they all finish at the same time).

Mac got several art/coloring presents, princess books, and other princess items. She was thoroughly pleased with the day!

The day before, Matt and I took the kids to Chick Fil A for breakfast. That night, Matt had school, but the kids and I met Matt's parents and my mom at a Mexican food restaurant for dinner. Mac has had a great couple of days of celebrating!

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