Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Miss M

Today was a wonderful day. In addition to a simply wonderful day, in and of itself, I was honored to help host a shower for a friend who has just adopted a baby girl. There has been so much waiting and anticipation for this family, celebrating this baby is like celebrating the most anticipated baby of this century! Our friends have been trying to adopt for as long as we have know them (over four years) and they have remained so faithful through this entire journey, despite struggles.

Personally, it was so wonderful to celebrate this new family. Our friend has rocked each of our babies in the nursery, she has celebrated each pregnancy, she has marked milestones with us, she has loved on our children, she has prayed over our children, it only seemed natural to finally be able to "pay her back". If there was anyone that was deserving of such a great celebration, it was this family. We cannot wait to see where this special girl's life goes and will continue to pray for God's hand over her and her family.

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