Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tommie is another day...

Today (yesterday's tomorrow) has been a better day. No less worried about the hearing test, but happy to have spent the day with my sweet boy and my hubby while the girls were at school. I feel so fortunate and blessed in so many ways, that it is sometimes hard to stay mad. I am still mad and I think that is a valid response, but we have much to be thankful for, there isn't anything I can do about his hearing at this moment, and he is itching to crawl so we are focusing on that. We count victories where we can and Johnny finally sat in the grocery cart by himself today. He was buckled with the across the chest buckle, but did great otherwise and happily reached for me and anything else that came into arms length during our errand. Hopefully we can get his appointments scheduled soon, we have a lot of doctor visits over the next six weeks and October and November are generally pretty busy. Even busier than we are used to!

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