Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glasses x2

Today we went to the opthamologist for Keegan and Johnny. I thoroughly enjoy our opthamologist. She is thorough, kind, great with the kids, and always explains things well. She took her time with each kid and even gave Mac a once over to make sure she was ok for now. Mac passed her vision screening at the pediatrician last year, but we want to make sure we didn't miss anything as we have had several friends whose kids have passed at the pediatrician, but failed at an eye doctor.

Keegan did fantastic. She was such a trooper, sitting in the seat, following directions, being polite, and even let the doctor put eye drops in to dilate her eyes. Her vision has actually gotten worse so they increased her prescription and gave us a patch to put over her right eye for 2 hours a day. This can just be done at home and can be in short increments as tolerated which I am very thankful for. We will probably just stick with her current frames and replace the lenses and wait to see how these do until her next appointment in January.

Johnny also got to be seen and did as well as a little 11 month old can do at the eye doctor. Being a kid with Ds and having a sibling with eye problems increased his chances of having eye issues and she immediately detected some far sightedness. So far, it isn't as bad as Keegan's is. But he does need glasses so we got a prescription for those as well. We are going to try and go with Solo Bambini's for him. Being so little, we think he needs the rubber frame since he, and others, will constantly be yanking them off or they will be falling off as part of being a growing little boy. The optometrist/eye glasses place we take the kids to is going to try and start offering this type of frame since they are convinced it will be beneficial to have with so many kids in the area needing glasses!

Thus, Mac is our golden child of the day, not needing extra money spent on her eyes! I was proud of how well all three kids were during the visit too, so not idea, but a great day!

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