Monday, October 7, 2013

Glasses Tracker

Keegan has been doing amazing on keeping her glasses on. She wears them 75-90% of the time and has been much better about telling us when she takes them off or puts them in a safe place (on a counter or table). In fact, today I asked her where her glasses were and she knew exactly where she had put them and told me, "I need to wear them. I want to put them back on." And then wore them while playing (most of the time if she takes them off, we have to wait awhile before we ask her to put them back on). Shortly after though, she lost them while playing with them. Although she is doing better, does anyone have tips for what to do to help encourage her to wear them the other 25-10% of the time. I will not put a strap on them, she would flip out and pull that off, but I would like other ideas of how to encourage her to leave them on or ways to show her where to put them when she does choose to take them off for a little bit.

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