Thursday, October 10, 2013

CareNet Dinner

Tonight was the CareNet fundraising dinner. I had been previously, but was excited when my dear friend Jennifer, a counselor at CareNet, asked me to join them this year. It was fun to get there early enough to bid on a few items for the Silent Auction, last time everything was already bid to high for me to even consider trying for it! The company was fantastic and I enjoyed spending the evening with some of my favorite people, but the message and the mission of CareNet is so important and wonderful.

I have supported this organization in so many posts before, but I think it is incredibly important to get the word out there about this group of people who serve our community. Houston is home to the largest Planned Parenthood in the nation. Planned Parenthood does some amazing things as far as offering health services to the community. However, the ending of lives that takes place there is wrong. CareNet cannot, at this time, possibly take on the health services aspect of what Planned Parenthood does. But they try their hardest to serve the community and the women and men that pass through their doors seeking information, testing, and support. CareNet works to give women and men counsel and ongoing contact throughout their pregnancies. They offer classes, resources, and other guidance to anyone who needs it. I am so proud of the work that they do and I love that they are an awesome steward of their finances. They have paid off their mortgage three years ahead of time and are working to make sure every dime is used towards serving people and glorifying God. We have walked in the Walk for Life for three years and have received maybe two mailers. I love that. Matt and I have difficulty giving money to a group of people who then use all of your money plus some to solicit more money. CareNet takes that money and pours into the work they are doing. They group is also so deliberate in how they care for and work with others. There is nobody in that group that thinks they are above others, they really live by the thought that "In righteousness, you are cut off from God's grace."

Regardless of your viewpoint, there needs to be more organizations out there like CareNet. Humans who tirelessly, passionately, and lovingly kneel to God's will and do His work here in our city. People who take time away from their families and lives to show compassion to women who need help and grace and redemption. CareNet is love and they exude it in all that they do. The keynote speaker tonight, Gary Thomas, said the amazing quote above, but also presented this idea, that I wasn't able to copy word for word. Keep it in mind if you are looking for a way to donate to a good organization (through money, supplies, or volunteer hours)-
                   "The last thing I want, is for CareNet to wonder where the money will come from the fund
                     the offensive they will wage in the war against the ending of lives and to bring spiritual
                     awakening to this city in ending abortion."

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