Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mark Driscoll and Ds

Tonight I listened to a very compelling sermon by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. In his series on the Ten Commandments, he addressed the 6th, Do not murder, recently. He focuses part of his time on murder such as capital punishment, vengeful murder, killing in the line of duty and the other portion of his time on murder in regards to abortion. I think he clearly presents his case on why abortion is classified as murder both biblically and by current cultural standards and then provides biblical background and evidence on the morality. Being a good Christian teacher, he also provides a story of redemption, Jesus was murdered on the cross to save murders and in fact utters, in the midst of his murder, "Forgive them". There is redemption, both for men and women who have terminated their pregnancies and for the babies who died at their hands. I think it is a worthy sermon to watch.

I always take Pro-life arguments to heart, his message was particularly poignant. Of all the "what about when the baby has ___" issues he could have addressed, he chose "What about when the baby has Down syndrome?" His response to people who ask this question was "Really? Because there are members of our church with Down syndrome, who love the Lord, Jesus. And would tell you that they are made in the image and likeness of God. And they would tell you that they don't think they should be murdered." He continues, ripping my heart out, citing one city who felt that abortion is justified specifically for the situations in which kids have Ds, because "what else would we do with them?" In a matter of moments, I cried in despair for the people who feel my son should have had his life ended and cried, rejoicing, for the fact that my son can know who his hope belongs in.

My son, babies like him that possess too many or too little chromosomes, and babies that have the typical number of chromosomes are worthy of life. Each and every one of them are fearfully and wonderfully made in the likeness of God. If you have ended the life of a child, there are people who can speak with you about the healing process that can happen and your ability to possess that redemption. If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy or diagnosis, please consider contacting CareNet Pregnancy Center for resources, assistance, and counseling. There is life in the womb and it isn't because a mother or father deems it to be so, only God can do that. It is with the utmost respect and love that I post this, abortion is wrong, but redemption can be found.

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Mona Parish said...

Thank you for referring to Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston on your blog. We are happy to serve women with pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound imaging, a listening ear and information on pregnancy options. You might be interested in knowing that we were contacted by a potential volunteer after she saw us on your blog. Thank you! The link you have up now is to our donor-oriented website. A better link for someone who is interested in our services would be www.houstonpregnancy.com. If I can answer any questions about the ministry of Care Net, please let me know. Thank you!