Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mac's Checkup

MacKenzie went in on Monday for her 4 year check up. The big girl got 5 shots (4 routine vaccines and her flu vaccine). She was pretty stressed about that, but only cried a bit, and doesn't need anything except for flu shots until she is 11! She did great on her hearing screening, she would raise her head the whole time the sound was on and she did pretty good on her vision screening. She was able to answer many questions for the nurse and doctor herself which was a nice milestone. They asked about her food and drink intake, screen time, exercise, and how she interacted with others. The doctor was and always has been very pleased with her growth and how she progresses each year.

Her weight was 40 pounds, 8 ounces which puts her in the 85th percentile and her height was 3' 7.5" which puts her in the 98th percentile. So our big girl is tall and lean!

She was, of course, fascinated by all the medical stuff being done and listened eagerly when Dr. Bel talked to us about an astronaut doctor she got to meet recently. I am proud of her growth and really enjoyed the one on one time with her at her appointment and a quick lunch with ice cream for the brave girl! It's funny how they act slightly different with the one on one attention, Matt and I try to spend one on one time when we can, but we should be more deliberate about doing it more regularly!

Practicing saying "Ahhhh"

Learning how to take her pulse

An Ice Cream Treat!

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