Sunday, October 20, 2013


Our church has been head pastor-less for over a year. In that time, we have had some fantastic speakers to fill our church service needs. This weekend, we met a man, and his wife, who is being strongly considered for the position at our church. I was pleased with some of the things he spoke about and I am interested in seeing where this leads him and where this leads our church.

That being said...

When asked what he meant about things being "excellent" at his old church, he replied, "By wonderful I think I meant that by all outward markers, it was evident that God was working at things in our church." Now if you take out "church" and you put "life", I think you have a really good philosophy to live by. To live a life in which it is evident that God was working. If, in all that you do, you work to show God's grace and the love of Jesus, then your life should be excellent. So that is what we pursue...excellence!

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