Thursday, July 30, 2009

Less and less time

If you haven't noticed the baby T-rex tracker at the top of the page please take time to do so now. Yes, those numbers are right, we have less than 100 days until the due date of our little T-rex. We are so happy that he or she continues to grow normally and we haven't reached the "Get it out" point yet. We are super excited to meet him or her and expect that we will only grow more excited in the coming days.

I really like how young kids interact with the belly. A friend of ours has a two year old little boy who asked "If we could open the baby yet". Apparently Nate is ready to meet this little one! Nate's mommy, Jamie, is an ultrasound tech and after watching our ultrasound video she said she has a guess about what the baby is, but she would not tell a mommy to paint the room pink or blue based on her guess. We are glad that our baby is determined to be a little surprise!

This weekend we are off to Dallas to see Ben, Martha, and Liam. We are excited to see such dear friends of ours and to spend some good time with them.


McKay said...

Ohh! Have fun in Dallas!

Ashley Howard said...

Is it possible to have fun in Dallas?!?!? I am such a Houstonian that I have huge reservations about the city...but I will be more than happy to see Martha, Ben, and Liam!