Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random things...

I don't have a good deal to post about, but thought I would give a few little tidbits so anyone checking the blog might feel rewarded for their efforts.

Next week I go in for a standard glucose screening. For those of you who do not know about the screening you go to the lab (thank goodness you do not have to be fasting), drink an awful sugar filled syrup drink, sit there for an hour, and get your blood drawn. If you pass then you probably don't have gestational diabetes...yay! If you fail you get to go in for more awful sugar syrup drink in a THREE hour So here is to hoping that I pass (you know how I am about testing anyways)!

The week after that I go into the doctor for a regular checkup and that begins my two week doctor rotation (rather than just the monthly rotation we have been doing). I am so excited that we are far enough along that I get to spend more time at the doctor's office which usually means listening to that little heart beat!

The baby is kicking a lot more frequently and a lot more during the day. There are times that I feel like the baby is going to kick me out of my seat! I am enjoying the interaction with the baby and feel like the T-Rex and I have some games that he or she likes to play...most of them involve tricking mommy!

Matt is working hard to get the house ready in the next 13 weeks. I really appreciate all of his hard work especially considering the lack of free time he has off. Between working more than 40 hours most weeks, participating in the social activities that I always schedule us for, and spending time with family (which we deem extremely important), he has little time to just relax. He says he likes working on projects and getting stuff done, but it makes me feel bad when he doesn't get as much rest as I think he needs. I am looking forward to putting our baby on his chest and watching the two of them fall asleep (because who can resist taking a nap with a precious little T-Rex).

Since I don't have much in the way of pictures to go with a random post here is a picture off of Matt's phone of me wearing the awesome T-Rex holding wrap that McKay (Matt's sister) sent us!


Marianne said...

You are looking super cute with your wrap!

McKay said...

Thanks for the post (and the props)! I feel so rewarded for my efforts! :-) And I'll be praying Bro's sleep is super restful to recharge him.