Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glucose Screening/Test

Today I took the often heard about and much dreaded Glucose Screening to see if I need to have further testing for gestational diabetes. I have heard awful things about this test and was prepared for the worst. Basically you go into the lab, drink a very sugar filled drink, sit there for an hour then have blood drawn. I went in prepared to be grossed out by the drink, bored for the hour despite bringing some good reading potential with me, then to hate having that much blood drawn. Instead I was promptly greeted by the receptionist who informed me that instead of waiting in the regular waiting room I would have the company of the other pregnant women who were doing this same test or the longer test (because they failed the first one). She handed me a nifty little bottle of what looked like orange soda and asked me to finish it all in five minutes. It was chilled, which from what I understand helps immensely. I drank it not incredibly grossed out by the first few sips and only moderately so by the last half. I walked into the special waiting room to be greeted by three other expectant mommies in reclining chairs, reading magazines, and gabbing about their growing bellies...I had found my people! The hour passed by really fast as they were all shocked by the idea I did not know what gender my little T-Rex was. Three of us have the same OB/GYN who we are very pleased with and I am glad that Dr. Norton is such a sought out doctor in this area. Before I knew it my hour was up (I will honestly say I was a little sad to leave such a special place) and went to have my blood drawn. The lady was quick and efficient and before I knew it I was on my way.

So here is to hoping that the test results were as good as the experience (although I really liked my special pregnancy place) because I don't want to have to go back for the three hour test where you have to fast the night before and they draw blood four times...

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