Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our perfect little T-Rex

I am not trying to sound too much like a proud mama yet, but I cannot help it...the doctor uses the word perfect so frequently in my appointments that I cannot help but burst with pride! I went in for a routine appointment today. My blood pressure is nice and low, my fundal measurement is right where they would like it to be, none of my symptoms are out of the ordinary, and despite being incredibely tired (especially with school starting) I have no big complaints. I was happy to hear that my glucose test came back extremely normal. Dr. Norton said that anything under 135 is normal and I was well under that with a result in the 70's. She also said that my blood count was good which means no nasty iron pills to take. So work is stuck with me for atleast another two weeks which is good because I have planned out my maternity leave perfectly and don't want to have to miss anything more than I need to (although I will of course, if neccessary).

At non-ultrasound appointments they do pull out the fetal monitor to listen to the T-Rex's heart beat. The nurse located the little clomping (or stomping) heart and measured it to see what the heart rate was. In the middle of listening she started laughing and informed me that Baby T-Rex kicked (or punched) the fetal monitor. I found this amusing and very typical of this baby who definitely has a clear idea of what constitutes it's personal space. The heart rate, in case you were wondering, is a solid 157 beats per minute which has remained pretty consistent at all of our appointments.

We were also happy to confirm that as long as everything goes well with labor and delivery that I will get to hold the baby right away and have some mama time. I cannot wait to hold that little T-Rex in my arms although if it is not wrapped up in a blanket I might have to be careful of the claws!

Soon I will post some of the house renovation project progress, which we have humbly turned over to professionals seeing as we simply cannot devote to ourselves. A huge thank you to Freddie for helping make this possible!

Just a few cute pictures to tide you over!


McKay said...

ahhhh, cute pictures!

is Matt holding a beer next to T-Rex??

The Howards said...

Yes! We were wondering when someone was going to comment on that!