Sunday, August 16, 2009

28 weeks down...12ish to go

So we are now officially in our third trimester. We cannot believe how quickly the pregnancy has flown by and cannot believe even more that in something around three months we will have our little T-Rex in our arms. We are wondering more and more what he or she is going to be like. I am still glad with our decision not to find out if T-Rex is a boy or a girl because I feel like it is harder to get a sense of who this baby is...and makes it exciting to see when he or she comes out. T-Rex is interacting with the arm/hand that is on the belly at the time and is really not a big fan of having his or her space invaded. T-Rex will definitely fight back if feeling that the territory is being infringed upon!

I am getting good bursts of energy which is nice for school starting back. I hope that I can teach these students well until I leave and still have some energy for after school when I "nest" at home. We got rid of all the carpet upstairs and are living on the hardwood until the Southeast Asian wood shipment comes in.

Here are this months belly shots. I have not decided if we are going to do them more often now that we are nearing the end. I suppose we will see how much change there is each week.

With school starting I am hoping that 10th graders and up have enough sense to keep their grimy little hands away from my belly...I would hate to have to go ninja/Jedi master on them!!!

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McKay said...

Ooo, please let one of them touch it, just so you CAN go jedi master on them!!