Monday, July 13, 2009

Daddy's birthday

Me and my birthday boy

This past week we celebrated Mattie's 28th birthday. I woke up and made Mattie a bacon waffle and a chocolate chip waffle which he was immensely happy about. That night I made a pork tenderloin with veggies and rice, and most importantly a dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips between the layers. We were definitely on a sugar high after that. What is most important and touching is that with the extra sugar in my system, the baby was moving around enough and strong enough that Mattie was able to feel two or three good kicks/movements. He was a little surprised and did not believe it at first. He thought I was making those movements and I assured him otherwise. When he said that he was feeling the baby move when I knew the baby was moving I got a little emotional and teared up. It was so nice to share that with him on his birthday!!! Of course I am a little jealous because it is a reminder that soon this precious little package that has, for the most part, been all mine will soon be ready to share with the world. Just a little bit of mommy jealousy coming out!!! All in all, I don't mind because as much as I love this little baby being all mine I am looking forward to meeting him or her!

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Margaret said...

That's so funny that you made bacon waffles. Kevin heard something somewhere about chicken, bacon waffles and begged me to make them.

I thought the chicken part was weird, but I did make him bacon pancakes (since we don't have a waffle iron).