Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Monday night Mattie got off work early so we ventured down to Babies R Us and Target to register for baby gifts for the little T-Rex. We were more than a little overwhelmed by all that there is to buy for a baby. Picking out a few outfits was fun, as was the couple of toys and books that we registered for. Other things were a little more difficult. We are not completely satisfied with a lot of the travel systems (stroller/car seat combos) out there. We were also unsure of how many burp cloths, bottles, pacifiers and such that you need as well. I know babies puke a lot, but how much is a good place to start?!?!? We did not register for furniture for the baby yet (we might throw it on there later) because we are hoping to find something we like on craigs list. Basically, any experienced mommy's who want to scan through our registry and give suggestions please do. We would love some extra advice and input!!!

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