Thursday, July 23, 2009

A real baby!

Yesterday we went in for our routine checkup and an extra ultrasound to make sure that the placenta was carefully migrating to a better position. The babies placenta had moved and we were glad for the extra ultrasound to get another peek at our beautiful little one. While the baby still does not like profile shots and in fact had his or her body turned completely away from us, we managed to get a couple of great pictures. We were amazed to actually see a real face with some cheek, nose, and eye definition in place. For the first time we are not thinking of our baby as a scary alien/T-Rex, but a real life baby that (if we do say so ourselves) is kind of cute! As of right now, the ultrasound tech did not give us a sense of how big the baby is, but I have a message placed for them to call me back!

Matt says the T-Rex is waving "Hi", I say the T-Rex is shouting
"Get out of here before I punch you"

I think the baby is hiding behind it's arms

On more baby related matters we are reading up on the Bradley method to adapt some of their principles for an unmedicated birth. I really like the concept of working with your body to push the baby out. Before we got pregnant I was adamant that I would want an epidural as soon as possible, but I am really looking forward to trying a "natural" birth.

On more material matters, I made my first big baby purchase last week! I bought a used glider with ottoman off of Craig's list. It was a really good deal, had almost no stains, and cleaned up well with Oxyclean. For those of you who have not sat in a glider you will not understand how beneficial these chairs are. I am really looking forward to quality time with the T-Rex in this chair!


McKay said...

Nice pics of baby Howard! And nice chair.

I sent you something in the mail - if it doesn't fit or you don't like, simply return. Hope you enjoy!

Ashley Howard said...

We really cannot believe how much the baby has changed! The baby is jumping up and down in excitement about seeing you guys in November...ok the baby is jumping around on my to go now!

This word verification was sounds like a medieval knight...or Lord of the Rings character...Fair Bewsquin of Laundrain (I saw the laundry basket)

The Allisons said...

In preparing for our natural birth, I also found that reading other peoples birth stories gave me even more encouragement and strength.
Here are some links to a ton of unmedicated birth stories:

Anonymous said...

Ahhh baby t-rex IS hiding behind his arm!!! I think he was saying "Hi!! Now get outtta here ima punch you!" all at the same time!

I like your chair. && Thank you for having me come with you to the ultrasound!