Monday, July 6, 2009


Our lives have been a bit topsy turvy for the past few weeks getting everything together for the floors. Matt worked so hard to prep the floors. I really enjoyed the little bit of help I was able to give, but felt extremely limited by my inability to lift much (and thus I was unable to help move furniture) and the fact that I am getting tired more and more easily. I did rip up a good portion of the two layers of laminate flooring in the kitchen which was satisfying to get rid of poor remodeling on previous owners part. We moved all of the furniture from the downstairs to the garage, storage shed, or upstairs. Here are some pictures.

The Concrete Slab

Who says that a garage is for cars?

Our temporary loft upstairs, we have been reminded why we like our bedroom without a t.v.

The concrete company came after Matt finished up all of the demolition (along with Jessie's help). They finished cleaning the slab, polished the concrete down, and got to work staining. We picked the color "Spice" for our base color and that is shown here below.

I was freaked out when I saw this looked way more Terra Cotta than we wanted.

The finished product has made us very happy. They add darker tones and a wax that brings out all of the natural imperfections of the concrete (which is exactly what we wanted).

The kitchen turned out awesome (now we need to re-do the counter tops).

The Concrete guy was worried we wouldn't like the is actually our favorite part!

So far we love the concrete, it was kept the house a lot cooler and while we have not resettled downstairs we are enjoying our choice. For the stairs and upstairs we have a shipment of hard wood planks from Vietnam that are on a boat headed to us via one of Matt's customers so you will hear more about that later!


Matthew said...

Actually there IS a car in the garage; the Mustang is hiding under a protective exoskeleton of blankets!

McKay said...

Hey Bro! You are so awesome doing your house remodel and such - you're such a grownup!! Hey, keep us in mind for concrete countertops! We can't guarantee our work, but it promises to be a fun learning experience. ;-)