Friday, April 29, 2011

Round Rock Donuts

I scarcely have words to describe how delicious a Round Rock Donut is. I am a loyal Shipley's Donut fan and Round Rock is definitely supreme to Shipley's. Everything that is good about a Shipley's glazed is all the better in a Round Rock Donut. The air pockets are even more copious in nature and distributed evenly throughout the donut. The sugar glaze has just a little extra firmness to it to provide that extra touch of resistance as you take a bite. The color of the donut (which I believe is due to sweet potato flour as well as the eggs and butter that they use) is a bit shocking, but you can taste that extra egg-y and butter-y flavor in the donut. This extra layer of flavor enhances the sweet bread flavor rather than taking away from it. I highly recommend this donut place if you are in Round Rock or anywhere near Round Rock or if you are crazy enough to drive to Round Rock for an amazing only request is that you bring one back for me!

(The pictures are from my phone...sorry...we didn't have time to take out the real camera...they were still warm!)

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Redden Family said...

In Austin you can get them at almost any gas station. Last year I lived within 5 minutes of that place. Round Rock Donuts are my favorite. The time to go is during the week mid-morning. You are brave and will wait forever going to Round Rock donuts on the weekend.