Monday, April 18, 2011

Walk For Life

Saturday we were greeted with the most lovely weather for the Walk for Life. I was excited that it was nice outside and ready to walk for a cause that means so much to me. We arrived at Matzke Park (which is a great little park and track that I think we will be spending more time at) and waited for the start. The only other people I knew that were participating was our church pastor and his wife. They had a lot of people talking to them so I just enjoyed the quiet time with my girls. Both girls did great and I was able to do the two mile walk without having to make any major stops. It was the first time I had walked with a purpose since delivering Keegan so I was glad I wasn't too tired after.

I reflected some about what a great organization carenet is. They provide counseling and a basic health assessment and ultrasound for pregnant girls and women who are unsure of what course to take with an unexpected pregnancy. They provide classes, ongoing support, and give true options and choices with an ultimate reminder in the sanctity and individuality of each life. I am do happy to have helped raise a little money for a group of people who truly cherish each child. I hope I am able to work with them again soon and I thank everyone who supported and prayed for this event.

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