Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keegan is already 2 months!


Today you are 2 months old and you are a shining star in our life. You have changed much in the last month. As Daddy would say, you have gone from a blob to an actual little person with personality and that you actually "do stuff". I would have to agree with him on the part of you doing more, but I wouldn't have called you a little blob beforehand. Poor Daddys...they can't do much with babies the first bit of their lives. All baby wants is to be close to mommy because that is all they have known for the previous nine months. But you, like all babies have warmed up to Daddy tremendously in the past few weeks especially.

As far as all that stuff you "do"...

You began smiling at 5 weeks and you are a super smiley baby. You like to flash your big gums at everyone, especially when they make a big fuss over you. You coo and "talk" a lot too and you are very loud compared to your sister. You will yelp really loud, I think just to see how loud you can be. You love to look around and will follow sounds and people around the room with your eyes. You enjoy the swing when the mobile is moving and playing music. Your favorite thing is to be held and you still snuggle up into a little ball on our chests whenever possible. You have started kicking your feet a lot more though which is fun for babies to do. We have gone on a few walks and you are finally warming up to being in the stroller as long as you are propped up a bit and your tummy is full. You had been a bit fussy for the first six weeks of your life. Then it seems that one day you opened your eyes, said hello world, and became happy! I love you either way and knew it was just a matter of time before you settled down into yourself!

You are a faster eater than MacKenzie (20 min) and eat about every 2-3 hours. At nights you eat more to get ready for a long stretch of sleep. You sometimes sleep 4 hours, sometimes sleep 6 hours. I like the six hour stretches because I like to leave you in bed from 4:30 on to snuggle. You are good about sleeping while we are running errands and doing things with Mac. We are just about ready to take you out of the bassinet and put you in the regular part of the pack and play. I let you sleep on your tummy on the couch during nap time and you like that best of all (besides being snuggled with us).

Your face is so round still, you are turning into a rolly polly! You have acquired a roll in each forearm and each thigh to go along with your double chin. Your hair is beginning to fall out and new hair coming in is lighter brown. No sign of eye color yet...maybe hazel or green, maybe brown. You are very tall and fill the bucket car seat with your length. We just moved you into size two diapers and your 3 month clothing seems a little snug (especially lengthwise).

Thank you for joining our family and bringing us such joy! We love you endlessly and cannot wait to see what kind of a person you will become!

Mommy and Daddy

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