Monday, May 2, 2011


Well I cannot post about anything else except for the big news from last night. After 10 1/2 years of active searching, countless lives lost, and additional numbers of people sacrficing time with their families and risking their lives, Osama Bin Laden has been killed. It is strange to write that out. It is a victory to be sure, but it is odd to celebrate. I for one, never thought we would be the ones to do it. I figured we would have found him dead, either dying of some sort of ailment or betrayed by one of his own. But the news reports assure me otherwise, the target was found and our military did what they were trained and ordered to do. I cannot say that I thought about the man every day, but I would say almost every week my thoughts may have lingered over him or his past actions and their effect on this country. He definitely changed a lot about the USA and given the opportunity he would have changed a lot more. He was responsible for so much hurt and hatred, I cannot help but relish in the fact that this country and other countries do not have to worry about that fear any longer. He was so misguided about many things: our country/lifestyles and his own religion being two large ones. Whatever the case, he is gone, and with him, hopefully his stronghold on terror will either destroy themselves from within or fade away until there is even less for us to worry about. It was a long road to this point and my heart pours out in thanks for the numerous families who sacrficied for this cause and who continue/will continue to do so to ensure that this region is free from fanatics like him.

God bless our troops and others who serve the cause of freedom!

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