Monday, May 9, 2011

Girl's Dedication

Yesterday we dedicated the girls at our church. The church holds one of their dedication ceremonies on Grandparents Day and one on Mother's Day. Last year we were out of town for Mother's Day and once Grandparents Day rolled around we already knew we were pregnant again and wanted to dedicate both babies at the same time. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day and while I obsessed over every detail from food for the luncheon to what the girls and ourselves would wear, I am extremely happy with how the day went. I had to keep telling myself as numerous things went wrong (not having the right cooking ingredients, my bread maker not working, overcooking the cake, ect) that this was not what the dedication was about. However, I hope that I pay this kind of attention to detail in every aspect of my children's lives.

The dedication is a chance for us parents to present our children to the church and publicly acknowledge that we will do the best job possible in raising these girls (and subsequent children at some point) in a Godly manner. It is also a time for our family, friends, and the congregation as a whole to pledge to support us and the girls and to hold us accountable to that promise. It is by no means a baptism as our church waits for children or adults to be baptized when they can understand what that means for themselves. I was glad for the chance to do this, am thankful for the opportunity to publicly acknowledge our commitment, and so grateful for friends and family who came to honor and celebrate with us.

An additional aspect of Mother's Day yesterday was one that I did not expect, but gave me much to think about regardless. Dear friends of ours mentioned that they were considering us to be gaurdians for their baby if something were to happen to them. Now, regardless of wether we actually are chosen, I consider, being considered, a great honor. I was humbled by the fact that someone would even put us on their list of people. It means that in the event that something happened to them, they would consider us to be worthy of caring for, raising, and loving their child in their place. What an enormous concept to take in! It is an incredible responsibility to live up to and makes me want to be an even better mother, "aunt" to their baby, and role model for all I come into contact with. I, of course, hope that this decision never has to come to fruition, but I am honored by the idea nonetheless. We told them to of course continue to take us into consideration as we would be honored to be as much a part of their baby's life as they saw fit! What an incredible gift on Mother's Day!


Jenn said...

What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day! This week Maddy will finish her confirmation classes and be baptized.

martha said...

Your friends from afar are praying for you and your sweet babies too! MacKenzie is starting to look so grown-up! What a cutie. Can't wait to meet them both in a few months!!