Monday, May 16, 2011


Matt and I always find that we reconnect best on a road trip. He has something to "do" by paying attention to traffic and directions, but it is not so all encompassing that I don't feel like I am getting one on one time with him!

We had to make the 7 hour drive to Ruston, LA this past week to attend Matt's Grandmother's funeral. Honey passed away last Monday after we saw her for the last time on Sunday. We were glad we made the last minute trip to see her on Sunday so that we could honor her one last time. The trip to Ruston went insurmountably better than we ever could have expected. Both girls were only slightly fussy and they slept better in the hotel than we did. It was nice to see family and loved ones while paying our respects to Honey and her life. I really enjoyed the hymns sung at the service and feel like Honey would have appreciated everyone that came and how her services were handled.

We are still a bit tired from the trip and we will be getting back into our regular routine today.

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martha said...

We will be praying for y'all and Matt's family. Love to you all.