Tuesday, May 24, 2011

19 months for Mac


Today you are 19 months old. We have had a busy month, between your dedication, a surprise road trip, and all of our other social engagements, it is hard to keep up with the days sometimes. You have continued to develop into more of a ham and you are the funniest little girl. You make Mommy, Daddy, and others laugh so much.

As far as your personality goes, you are definitely a charmer and you can be very sweet, but you also have a little bit of an aggressive streak if you need or want something. We are working on teaching you to share and be nice and you are doing very good, but need reminders from time to time. Mommy is hoping to catch you in the act of pushing or pulling hair (your two main infractions) soon so that we can correct that behavior. For the most part though, you play well and are generally very happy playing near others. You are getting more and more like a little cuddle bug, especially if you are tired or if it is time to read a book. You are independent and happy to go with the flow of our busy days.

You are a champion eater and love food. You have started eating salad from time to time which is a new development and you will eat anything that you can dip in dressing or sauce. You have learned that the grocery store has cookies so you will ask for a cookie as soon as we walk in the door. Other than that, you like a few bites of sweets, but will not eat a whole bunch of dessert at one time. You love peas, green beans, and corn and you will much on beans and crackers. You favorite kind of meat is either link type sausage or chicken nuggets. You still love eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, especially if Mommy adds raisins to your oatmeal.

You sleep well, you will lay down for several hours after lunch and your bed time is usually around 8:30. We will ask you if you are sleepy, you will make the sign, say peepey, give me and Keegan kisses and run to the stairs. Sometimes you will play in your crib, but usually will go right down. You sleep through the night until around 8 in the morning. You love to take a bath before bed and will splash in the tub as long as we let you. You insist on brushing your own teeth and will chew on the toothbrush so we need to get you a new one! You love to climb up and down the stairs on your own and we have to remind you to hold our hand coming down the stairs because they are so steep.

This month we have done so many things... We went on the road trip for Greatgrandmother Honey's funeral. We played at the splash pad which you loved and went to a couple different parks. We walked the mall a few times and had a play date at the church gym so you and your friends could run around like the wild maniacs you are! We have started the swimming season and you love it even more than last year. You have a little climber in the backyard and a little plastic pool that you like to play in and we try to play outside a few times a week (which we should probably do more).

You still love reading, especially these little animal books from Chick Fil A. Today when we visited Grandma Dee in College Station you loved the little Leap Frog lap top toy she got you and Mommy is hoping it will further help you learn your letters (you know about half of them). You love music and dancing and you love when Mommy puts you down and says "Do you want to run"...you will wave your hands in front of you as you run as if you are trying to push the air to the side. You can correctly identify many people in our circle of friends and family and you will say Dee, Tuh-Tah (KiKi), Pupi (Popi), Paw-Paw. You have also started signing cookie, cracker, candy, wet, dry, cereal, and cold more consistently. We are working to identify more animals and starting some work on your colors.

Mommy and Daddy love you more and more each month and more and more each day.

Mommy and Daddy

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