Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keegan is 3 months!


Today you are 3 months about this time Mommy was hoping for a bit more progress as we talked about giving you some help with pitocin and I was just starting to feel conractions a bit more intensely. Who would have known that in two hours you would be in my arms!

You are such a sweet cuddle bug. You love to snuggle, but lately have started to insist on sitting up more and more as we hold you. You will strain against the car seat buckle to try and lift up against the straps. You enjoyed sitting in the bumbo the other day and are getting a lot of neck and back control. You want to see what is going on in the world around you and I think a lot of that has to do with your sweet big sister who is becoming more and more affectionate to you each day. She loves to give you kisses and toys and she is getting good at making you smile. You are so giving with your smile, it does not take much to get you to open that mouth wide and give us a big grin. You have started laughing a little bit at random things, but your laugh is more of a yelp. I know what you are doing though. You coo a lot and your coo sounds a lot like you are saying "Hi" really loud so we joke about that being your first word. MacKenzie will say Hi and wave at you whenever you say it!

You are a much quicker eater than MacKenzie, in about 10 minutes you are usually done. It is nice, but unexpected considering Miss Piggy would nurse for 45 minutes at a time. You get very mad at Mommy if you are done and she hasn't realized it yet. You don't usually fall asleep on your side either, you like to be held upright and will snuggle your head as close under mine as you can. You have horrible sleeping habits though. You will do great for two or three nights and only wake up once, then wake up every two or three hours for the next few days. We cannot figure out what is making you stay up... I do know that no matter how tightly Daddy swaddles you, you will break loose and wiggle yourself around the pack and play in our room. You love to sleep on your tummy and while Mommy is good with that for naps, she worries about you at night. I have to keep telling myself that if you are strong enough to wiggle onto your tummy, then you should be ok.

We have done a lot this past month and Mommy is working hard to keep you two entertained by going to the park, on walks, on little shopping trips, and to the library. You enjoy sitting in Mommy's lap watching the librarian do baby time or watching MacKenzie and the other kids at the park. You love to sit and kick your legs as forcefully as you can. You went swimming this month too and liked it, time will only tell if you are as much of a water baby as MacKenzie, you certainly enjoy your baths as much as she does.

It goes without saying that we love you so much. We beam every time we look into your big, expressive eyes (which are already turning...brown or hazel) and when you make a little pouty face or furrow your eyebrows. Thank you for being a perfect little baby that we couldn't imagine our lives without!

Mommy and Daddy!

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martha said...

Oh my gosh, she is so cute! Just want to pinch those chubby cheeks! (And give her lots of kisses.) :) Did I ever tell you that Elliot was sleeping on his tummy by about two months? He never slept well on his back, so we started out naps on his tummy and then nighttime. He had really strong head control and was good at pushing himself on his arms, so although we were worried at first, he did just fine and got stronger and stronger on his tummy. Anyway, obviously I wouldn't recommend that to everyone, but if she's rolling over anyway, she's probably ok.