Monday, January 27, 2014

Tiny Blessings Update 1/2014

Tiny Blessings has been busy! We are putting the finishing touches on our drop off for this week which includes a lot of Valentine's and heart themed hats for those little NICU warriors. I will post pictures after we take everything up to the hospital.

The upcoming months will be busy. We are partnering with our church, Cypress Bible Church, for our upcoming  missions month and we are so grateful for being one of their many featured outreach projects. Who would have thought that a hobby would turn into a business which turned into a ministry approaching it's first anniversary!!!

We were asked to summarize Tiny Blessings onto one page and this is what we were able to (quickly) come up with-

Tiny Blessings

“And He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not
hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”
                        -Matthew 19:14

Tiny Blessings began as fellowship between Moms and has grown as an outreach to the families in our community. What began as a hobby and income source in crocheting hats, blankets, clothing, and other gifts, has now turned into committed prayer and the literal covering of the tiniest of God’s children. We at Tiny Blessings, work with the Nurses and Medical Staff at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in two ways. First, we make blankets, gowns, and hats for the sweet angles who either don’t make it through childbirth or who pass away shortly after. Our task is to prayerfully make these items to cover these babies as their families cherish their time together. Second, we make hats and blankets, along with the occasional extra gift for babies in the NICU who are fighting to grow strong enough to go home with their families. We pray for these little warriors and their families who are willing their next milestone and hoping for progress each day.

Our prayers-

That every item we make is ordained and used by God to cover the exact need that He deems it to be used in, that He is glorified in each step of the way, and that our hands complete His work in our small tasks.

That the families of all of these babies are comforted and strengthened by His presence along their journey and that they may come to know Him or to know Him even fuller than before.

That the nurses, doctors, and medical staff that care for these families and children feel our prayers, that they are strengthen by our support, and that God can be found in every moment of their day.

That we are able to continue filling every one of their needs at the hospital and that as we grow and expand that we remember to glorify God and we remain focused on the work He has ordained for us.

We feel so encouraged by the support and have such excitement to see where Tiny Blessings is headed from here. This is added into by the fact that we are helping to support a second branch of Tiny Blessings in the Sugarland area and a third branch of Tiny Blessings is looking to get going in the Dallas area. None of us ever thought it would go beyond a couple of trips up to the hospital.

As we work to prepare for the spring, here are some ideas for anyone wanting to get into crocheting the hats. I found all of these pictures on etsy and in no way do I claim them as my own.

Here are some St. Patrick's Day ideas-

There are also several cute leprechaun hats out there.

And here are some wonderful Easter ideas-

I was trying to avoid pictures of kids I didn't know,
but this one was too cute not to put on there...sorry to that baby!

And some general spring ideas-

Of course, traditional hats are always welcomed, these were just a few that caught my eye!

Thank you to all of you for being committed partners, followers, supporters, and contributors to a great ministry. We have all sorts of ideas for the coming year, but hope to have a few updates before then!

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