Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shred- Level 1

Woohoo! I just completed the first ten days, level 1, of the 30 Day Shred. I'm hopefully hooked!

I love it and forgot how quickly my body changes and responds to this workout. On day one I couldn't do three push-ups without stopping, now I can do 17 in 30 seconds. Granted they are girlie push-ups, but progress is progress. On Day one I was barely able to complete a single exercise without stopping several times and today I only modified my cardio due to walking the zoo for several (5-6) hours with the kids. I have already noticed more tone in my arms, shoulders, legs, and waist. And, just like last time, although there has been no measurable difference in my weight, my clothes are already fitting better. 

I am leery of starting Level 2 tomorrow, but change helps to challenge the body throughout the workout program. I am trying to only weigh and measure myself on Mondays and I am ticking off the days as well to keep track of it better. I have been working out in our bathroom which has two mirrors to check form and easy access to the shower after! Plus it's harder to look yourself in the eye when you want to cheat!!! As part of working out in the bathroom, I discovered that at least Level one is on YouTube, which makes excuses almost impossible!

 There is no time for gym selfies in the Shred, but there are my tick marks!!!

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