Thursday, January 2, 2014

Johnny's First Speech Therapy

Today Johnny had his first official speech therapy session and it went great. Our ST is really kind and excited to work with our sweet boy and I loved her passion for working. 

One thing I was very concerned about getting government services was that it would be very stereotypical in it's laborers. I was worried that the people coming into our home would be doing it just for the paycheck or as a holding pattern until something better came along. I haven't gotten that sense from any of the women charged with helping our sweet boy and for that I am thankful. 

We have some fantastic new methods to work on with Johnny. Within an hour of her being here, Johnny was mimicking the sign for food and pointing more than he ever has before. She is pleased with his accomplishments thus far and seemed to be very excited with what she thinks we can achieve with him. We want to take some videos of some of our work with him, but the little guy was zonked today from a long target trip with his sisters!

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