Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year

It's done. A full year of blogging. A handful of days were skipped, but always made up for. A couple of days were loosely translated to a.m., but they still count. If you look on the side of the blog, by 2013, it says each day was accounted for. Actually is says 366 posts were published and I'm not exactly sure how that is, but it'll all even out somehow. 

I started writing every day for many reasons. I wanted to create a habit and the only way I knew how to do that was to make myself publicly accountable for it on a rigorous schedule. I wanted to improve my writing and it felt natural to practice it in a variety of mediums here. And originally I thought about building my readership and contemplated monetizing. I think I have built more readers and I hope that insight is gathered, memories are shared, and resources are filed away. I hope we bring smiles to faces with what is, for us, normal and day to day. I'm not sure about monetizing though. I wouldn't be opposed to it, but I think I would want to be picky about it and I'm less interested in perusing it now. I have another writing outlet that is forthcomig that may help with that. 

I am so happy to have shared so much of our lives over the past year. I take great care to be honest, raw, open, and descriptive to give the best sense of who we are and what we do. It has given me great pleasure to record our lives over the past year and I hope first and formost that our kids will one day enjoy looking back on our journey and also (almost as important) that someone else can be helped by what is documented here. I'm an open book...or blog!!!

As for how frequent I hope to write this year? I'm still not sure. I have one day down when I hit the publish button in a few moments, but I am still mulling over where to go from here. The thought of not writing every day makes me worried and panicky at the moment, fearful of losing the rythym of what has been created. At other times it makes me feel liberated that I am not held to a 24 hour time period in which to produce. 

While I decide, Happy New Year to all!

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