Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Yesterday, Johnny and I met with our new doctor, an endocrinologist. At his one year appointment, they tested his thyroid as a part of extra screening tests they do for those with Ds and one of his numbers, the TSH, came back elevated. 

As far as I can assess, in simple words, the pituitary gland in the brain is sending extra TSH (a hormone) to the thyroid to help it work harder at making and releasing hormones to the body. The endocrinologist said it's like a boss shouting at his workers to make them catch up with their work. This could be occurring for one of four reasons. First, it could be a fluke reading on a test, his numbers could be wacky because of illness or growth. Second, it could be because of an actual thyroid condition. Third, it could be because his thyroid is just lazy and it will fluctuate. Fourth, it could be because of abnormal placement or formation causing it to have to work differently. 

She recommended two things. First, we had another blood draw to assess where he is at now. This will help see whether it was a fluke measurement or not and if it isn't, where he stands in comparison to before. Second, we will be scheduling an ultrasound of Johnny's thyroid so they can see where it is and how it looks. 

I shouldn't be surprised that the doctor needed us to "wait and see", it's a place we are getting comfortable with!

I am, once again, so grateful that all of his doctors are in the Texas Children's system. It was so easy for her to pull up all of his blood tests from when he was two weeks old, to look at his growth patterns, to see when he had been sick around the time of his one year blood test, and to get a quick assessment of any other issues that could be into play. I think it has been increasingly important to have it all there in the system for the doctors as we move along. 

In the event that he has a thyroid issue, she said it can be controlled with medication. The only hiccups that brings is when to give him his medicine and there may be a couple of things we have to limit in his diet so it won't counteract the medication. I will be asking more questions about other issues with starting medication early on if we need to, but I'm glad that for now, an answer could present itself if need be. 

On an unrelated note, I have done three days of shredding and haven't had to fall on the toilet yet! Good progress!

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