Saturday, January 4, 2014


Yesterday I made a dark chocolate raspberry truffle cake that is my version of one of Matt's favorites from our days in College Station. While I am still working on the truffle filling to cake ratio, the cake itself is easy and delicious. I rarely keep track of the ganache recipe which is used for both the truffle filling and the frosting on the outside of the cake. While searching for a sutable recipe yesterday, I came across this website that gave some good information and ratios for making ganache. I improved on this from memory of my old recipe which boiled (I used the microwave) the cream and pouring it over the chocolate (I used chocolate chips) and letting it stand for ten minutes or so before stirring. This makes for easy and smooth ganache. I thought it set up well on the cake and the outside was perfect today with a slight resistance and thin layer of chew on the top where air had been in contact, but staying soft and fudgy underneath. It's a nice method to have on hand.

P.S. Fudgy automatically corrects to fishy...that would not have been tasty on my truffle cake!

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