Thursday, December 31, 2009

The past year...a reflection

How quickly a year passes...and how quickly things change over the course of a year.

Almost exactly a year ago we returning from our impromptu trip to Quebec City. We had the time off, knew we wanted to go somewhere, and ended up in Quebec in a last minute deal. We had a wonderful time in a very quaint and European city. We dined and explored and did a little skiing (or falling I should say). We came back recharged for 2009 not knowing what was in store for us.

Matt and I overlooking the cute shopping area in Quebec

We returned to the states, did some visiting with his family and got ready for what we hoped would be a productive year. Goals and resolutions floated around our heads...we both wanted to get healthy, eat better, work out more, keep a clean house, get organized, pay off debt...the list went on and on. We knew that a family might be in our future, but we were really looking to the summer for that. We had a big vacation to Europe coming up that we were very excited about!

In February that all changed. We decided to give this whole "trying" thing a whirl and we all know what happened next...

A beautiful site to see...

So we kept it a secret...for a while. We wanted to enjoy our Europe trip and knew that everyone would worry about me pushing myself to see too much if they knew. So we went and had a wonderful last adventure.

Matt and I in Edinburgh

We came back to the states (again) ready to slowly tell family and friends our great news. We were immensely happy! We found a church that we felt had a deep sense of community, our baby was growing, and then we started home know about the joy that provided. I went to New York and got larger with each passing day. Before we knew it October was here and the baby wasn't waiting any longer...


I remember driving to the hospital thinking that it was the last time I would be going anywhere or doing anything not a mommy. Looking back I think L&D went fairly well...and the outcome was great!

In the Nursery

The last part of 2009 has been busy with getting to know this tiny creature that God has entrusted us with. She has taught us so much about simple happiness and joy. We have loved introducing her to the world.

Our angel!

If you had asked us if this was where we thought we would be we would have laughed a year we can't imagine it any other way! The three of us look forward to 2010 with anticipation and faith that good things will come!

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