Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolution 2010

So Matt doesn't really believe in resolutions, but I always set them. I have never been more determined to actually strive towards them though than this year. MacKenzie has been well worth the weight gain, but she is just as worth (if not more so) the weight loss, healthy eating and living habits, and organization.

As far as weight loss goes, I have stagnated post-partum. I feel like I look fine, one of the advantages of being tall, but I am not anywhere near my pre-pregnancy weight (which was probably a little larger than I would like to be anyways). I am not setting a certain weight goal because I do not necessarily know what my ideal weight would be. I am however hoping that I will soon be able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants and would like more overall tone. In order to reach this goal I have the next two months mapped out. First, I have become a "Shredder" as of today. I bought Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and baring no sickness hope to go 30 days straight. I have little goals set up for myself at the end of each 7 day week. This week, if I work out each day, I will be able to go buy some more workout clothes. The workout takes about 20 minutes which I figure is worth it for my overall health. However today was day 1 and the workout kicked my butt. Like Jillian says on the workout though...if I am looking for a 20 minute workout, I better be willing to make it count! After I complete the 30 day shred, I will continue doing level 3 about 2 or 3 times a week and I will be adding the Couch to 5K program for 3 days a week. I am exciting about getting back into running. When Matt and I were working in the food industry we could both run (and I don't mean jogging) a 5K no problem, now...not so much. I will try to keep things posted!

For eating healthy, Matt and I are both working on portion control, eating more lean meat, reducing sweets and treats, and eating more whole grains rather than wasteful carbs. We aren't cutting anything out of out eating choices completely, we are just limiting ourselves and trying to be good. Tonight we had a little bit of leftover tenderloin, whole grain rice pilaf, steamed broccoli, and salad. It was delicious and I feel pretty good about it! I have to be careful because I am still breast feeding (and would like to continue to do so) thus I cannot cut too many calories out of my diet. Any advice for healthy foods or recipes?

For general healthy living (besides diet and exercise) I would like to floss more regularly. The only teeny tiny cavities I have ever had were in between my teeth, thus I need to make sure to greatly reduce the chances of getting more. We also have invested in the Colgate SpinBrush ($6.99 at Target) to help us more efficiently brush our little teeth! I can't think of any other general healthy living options...any ideas?

For organization I have a tendency to be organized in spurts or when someone outside of the family will see the organization. I am great about it at work (and spent most of my 4 days back at work "fixing" everything that was "wrong" whenever I was gone), but not so great about it at home. I will, when able to, be spending 20 minute spurts of cleaning and organizing. My hope is that by summer, everything will have a place in the home, that we will purge out items we do not need, and that the extra bedroom will be exactly that and not a dumping ground.

So that is my resolution/goals for the short/mid term. I hope I can stay dedicated to these and be the me I would like to be!!!


The Allisons said...

Good Luck!! It sounds like you have a plan!! Don't be too hard on yourself; you did just have a baby a couple of months ago!!
I LOVE the couch-2-5k program!! I am currently using it to train for a 5k in February.
One resolution I had last year in the health category was to eliminate/reduce the amount of chemicals in our house. I now clean with only vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. We changed detergents, soaps, etc... It was a pretty simple shift and not only are we saving money, but I don't have to worry about Lilah being exposed to any potentially harmful chemicals.

martha said...

Remember it took you 9 mo to gain the wait - it won't come off overnight! I found that it took me close to that amount of time to get back to pre-pregnancy size after Liam. Breastfeeding really helps with that! And don't cut out too many calories while breastfeeding. Ben and I did this crazy diet for a week not long after Liam was born and I was starving the whole time, so not a good idea. Eat lots of nuts and/or dried fruit for snacks - good sources of proteins, vitamins, and energy. Good luck on your resolutions!

McKay said...

Love vinegar for cleaning!! I also use washcloths (cheap Wally world ones) for cleaning rather than paper towels. The cost is not much more and you save money and trash!

Margaret said...

Kevin got me an electric toothbrush for Christmas (don't worry, I asked for it). It's awesome!! I don't know if I can ever go back to manual.

And I agree with all your friends. Don't pressure yourself about the weight. And the last 5 or so pounds won't go until you are done breastfeeding (the theory is that your body saves it for the baby in case of famine). Just be healthy and be mindful of your supply in case you need to cut back on your activity or consume more calories.