Friday, January 15, 2010

12 weeks


I can hardly believe that 12 weeks ago you entered the world into our arms. We are so excited to have you with us, but are overwhelmed by how quickly the time is flying by. You have taught Mommy so much. I am definitely learning a thing or two about humility for two reasons. First, because you are so amazing to me I cannot help but be awestruck by the wonderful little person that you are. Second, you are teaching me about not being able to do everything that comes my way and to take time to stop and enjoy little moments for what they are.

In the past four weeks you celebrated your first Christmas. We thank you for the reminder of how we celebrate because of the birth of a small child many years ago. We enjoyed opening up presents for you, but are looking forward to you opening presents on your own in years to come. We spent time with all of our family around the holidays and you did a great job with all of the people who oohed and awed over you. Your auntie McKay and uncle Rob came and spent the night so you have had your Howard grandparents and them come to stay. Mommy enjoyed having Christmas break off with you, you are sleeping for longer stretches (especially in your swing) so Mommy was sometimes able to get stuff done!

She loves my kisses!

I so loved her Christmas dress...Daddy's little girl!

We are getting you out and about more often. Mommy got a nursing cover and now has no problems nursing you in public...I cannot believe I thought this was so hard at one point! Daddy took you up to College Station so he could go hunting and you enjoyed the time with your Grandma Dee. When the school semester started, Daddy was able to take two weeks off to be with you. He really enjoyed developing your special Daddy/Daughter relationship, but now he knows how there are some days we got a lot of things done and others that we didn't. Last night he left on a hunting trip with his Daddy. Mommy enjoyed having some quality time with you. This was the first night we have been alone together. It is nice to have special nights like that from time to the future we will make it a big girly time!

We love to make faces at you, stick out our tongue at you (so you will mimic us), and making you smile. If you are happy and playing, you will smile when we say words like "zucchini", "squash", or "gumbo" or if Mommy dances silly for you. You like to lay on your activity mat and kick your feet as well as sitting in your swing looking at the birds/butterflies that move around. We have also starting sitting you in your bumbo seat to get you ready for sitting up. You willoccasionally roll onto your side from your back and you have started rolling back onto your back. The night before I went back to work you gave us your first laugh. Daddy was holding you and I was making funny faces and talking to you and you kind of chuckled at us. We were glad you are so happy and delighted with us.

Trying on Daddy's hat...WHOOP!

Your doctor's appointment this month went well, we were not surprised to see how much you grew and were happy you were such a trooper with your shots.

Thank you for being such a blessing to us. We love having you in our lives!

Mommy and Daddy


The Allisons said...

She is getting so big!! She is such a beautiful baby!!!

McKay said...

LOVE the Aggie hat! So cute!