Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Elliot!

One of my dearest friends in the whole world had Baby #2 today! Martha and I met our sophomore year at Texas A & M. We both took Russian class together. To be honest, I "didn't like" her, but that is only because she was pretty fluent in Russian when the rest of us were struggling with the alphabet. While not hostile towards her, I was definitely jealous of the incomprehensible things coming out of her mouth! When our other friend Sarah and I realized she was a history major (girl's in the department were few and far between) we decided to be friendly. I am so glad we took that step because the past 7 years have been marked with genuine friendship. When she and her hubby decided to move to Philly for his school, we agreed that no matter how long it had been since we talked that we could call the other one up without any weirdness or apologies. This became an even bigger deal when they moved to England for Ben's school as well. We both take turns visiting whenever we can...

Martha, Ben, and Baby Liam (Nov 2007)

Martha, Ben, and Big Boy Liam (March 2009)

They had baby number two this morning, Elliot Clark Dunson! I know it will be awhile before we will see each other and meet each other's babies, but I look forward to that day whenever it may be. Martha, I know you will be as great with this little boy as you have been with Liam. I look up to your amazing motherhood skills and the devotion you show your husband and boys! Amish and Love you!

May we all be blessed with such amazing and lasting friendships that are not strained by distance!

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martha said...

You should see how I'm blushing! Thanks for your sweet note! Wish we could be closer too - amish you!