Saturday, December 19, 2009

8 Weeks!


Today, in less than an hour, you will be 8 weeks old! The time has disappeared and we already have so many memories with you. You have done so many things this last month. Thanksgiving was a wonderful time where you got to meet your Aunt Dena, Uncle Sol, Cousin Solena, and Uncle Stephan. Cousin Solena loved to hold her "baby cousin", the two of you will be great friends one day (a bigger post on that to come). The biggest thing you did (and mommy was very worried about it) was going all the way up to Oklahoma to visit family. You did so wonderfully that all of my concerns went away. Everyone there seemed to love you as much as Daddy and I...if that is even possible. You also got your first obligatory "screaming baby" on Santa picture...we will write more about that later!

You have grown up in so many ways. You are definitely more interactive and rather than merely having times you are awake waiting to go back to sleep you have times where you actually play and socialize with anyone around. Some of your favorite things to do are to lay down and stare at the lights or to sit in your bouncer. Whether it is on purpose or not you kick at the toys on the bouncer and make it move around. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy can even get a full meal in together while you sit in the bouncer! You love to smile and give us big gummy smiles all the time. When Daddy comes into the room you automatically look to where his voice is coming from. You have the craziest hair that stands up and sticks up all around your head, the only way it will stay down is if there is enough oil in it to weigh it to your head. There is a lot of debate over what your hair color will be. Sometimes it looks blond, sometimes light brown, and sometimes looks auburn red. Seems like you are making us wait to find out. Your eyes are still blue and are even bluer when you wear blue...which we can't put you in often because then everyone thinks you are a little boy! When you play you are starting to "talk" and you coo and "yelp" at us a lot. MacKenzie, you are an amazing eater and getting to be a great sleeper. The few baby sitters we have had say they can swaddle you, give you the pacifier, lay you down and you will go to sleep for good naps. You do not do that for mommy though, if mommy tries to lay you down you get very upset. Mommy does not mind holding you while you sleep, she would much rather do that that finish the laundry or clean the house anyways. MacKenzie, we want to thank you for the joy you have brought to our family. You are such a wonderful blessing and we love you!

Mom and Dad
Such a happy Santa's Helper
She's a Ninja!

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martha said...

Oh, I loved just sitting with Liam sleeping on my lap or chest! I'm sure you know this, but don't be in a hurry to do that laundry or those dishes - they will be there, and all too soon your little girl will want to crawl and play and won't always fall asleep on you (and then you'll start thinking about another one!). :-)