Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diaper change

So this post may not be what you are thinking it will be about. If you would like a post all about the wonderful world of changing MacKenzie's diaper, then please let me know. This post is about changing her diaper size (and a little about changing her diaper).

MacKenzie quickly grew out of her size newborn diapers. They were an adventure in themselves. The hospital automatically uses size 1 diapers and folds down the front to avoid excess "rub-age" on their little umbilical stubs. Thus, when we got home we were still using the hospital freebies of size 1s. When we ran out of those I told Matt to go look upstairs for the smaller diapers that we had received. Many friends had bestowed diapers of various sizes upon us and a few friends gave us hand me downs of opened diaper packages. I thought we had some newborn diapers, but Matt insisted that we did not. So we continued to use the size 1s. Once I mustered the energy to make the trek upstairs, I discovered that we did indeed possess many newborn diapers. I quickly brought them downstairs to use them before our dinosaur passed them up. A wonderful thing about the newborn diapers is the notch that is cut out for the umbilical stub. We were able to use most of them before she outgrew them and passed the 10 that were remaining on to her cousin who was born two weeks after she was.

In the past week or so, Matt has really been pushing for MacKenzie to move up to the size 2 diapers. We have had a blow-out or two, but I felt that they have been mainly due to our putting on the diaper rather than the diaper size not functioning properly. Maybe a small part of me was simply sad that she was passing through sizes so quickly and I am not ready for her to grow up as fast as she is (she is almost 7 weeks). I finally conceded that when we finished the box of size 1s we could move on to size 2s. Matt joyfully purchased the size 2s (strangely this is the only size diaper we did not receive from family or friends...lots of size 3s to look forward to though) while I treasured each and every size 1 that was left.

Last night/ Early this morning was the last of the size 1 diapers. I shuffled over to her pack and play to change her before she ate. I grabbed her last size 1 diaper and a wipe, positioned it under her bottom, got ready to fasten the tabs, and felt a warm fountain of baby pee christen my arm. MacKenzie told me in her own way that regardless of Mommy (and even Daddy) being ready to move on to size 2 diapers, she was a big girl and ready for the change (ha ha...change). I threw away the wet size 1, broke into the size 2 box and moved on.

Sadly, the size 2 diapers do not possess the "wet" indicator line that the newborn and size 1 diapers did. I guess we will have to start learning how to tell if a diaper needs to be changed the old fashioned way.

A bath tub picture just for the heck of it!


Margaret said...

That's a cute post. I'm always in denial about moving diaper sizes too. Blow-outs are a good indication that it's time - on the bright side, we had a lot less diaper mishaps with Charlotte (I don't know if it was experience or butt shape).

Oh, and the wet indicator. They didn't have that three years ago when Caroline was a baby. It was a really neat thing. Although, I think it is a ploy of the diaper company to get you to go through more diapers.

And on figuring out when to change them... I usually end up on a sort of unintentional diaper schedule with mine. Unless I smell something really stinky, I change them after their nap and they are good until after the next nap.

Anonymous said...

above is right with old "friends" children I have watched its pretty much you smell it or feel it (on the outside) and if neither way indicates it is full or smelly or anything it is usually okay to wait until. But I am not a parent so yeah there is that.