Friday, December 4, 2009

Part of Thanksgiving weekend

As part of our Thanksgiving plans Matt and I decided to take MacKenzie up to Oklahoma to visit his maternal side of the family. The decision to take her all the way up was not an easy one to make. We tried to see if there was a possibility of us flying because I could feed her in transit, but it was not going to work out (mainly because we would have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to fly in a propeller plane). So we made the decision to leave after she fell asleep for her "big chunk" of sleep on Thanksgiving night. We prayed for a good trip and we were rewarded. Matt was able to make good time because there was no traffic and MacKenzie only woke to feed once (and threw it all up causing us to need to quickly change her). We got to Oklahoma around 5 a.m., fed MacKenzie, handed her off to her Grandma Dee, and went to sleep.

Later we woke up to see our little girl being admired by the family. We are glad that we were able to see some of the family and for MacKenzie to meet some of her relatives. Matt spent most of the day helping his Grandpa, Dad, and Uncle fix the water heater. I spent time with the "women folk" and really enjoyed handing her off to Grandma Dee for a couple of hours so I could take a nap. There is such a difference between napping when she naps (and still having to listen for her or care for her if she needs it) and napping when someone else can take care of her needs. Overall she did great and did not get as fussy as we thought she would with all of the people fighting over who got to hold her next!

Matt took this artsy photo while driving around in the pasture

Auntie McKay, Great-Grandma, and Grandma Dee
(We ALWAYS hang out in the kitchen, I love it)

Cuddled up in Great-Grandpa's arms

Getting some love from Great-Grandma

Matt with some of his favorite people in the world!

While driving back from Oklahoma, the GPS took us the long route and we got stuck in Fort Worth traffic so we called the trip quits in College Station and spent the night with Matt's parents. Sunday night (back in Houston) I became really sick and worried that it was the flu. I did not want to come down with the flu and I really worried about passing it on to Matt or the baby. Thankfully (that seems ironic) it was a case of mastitis (probably from irregular feeding during our trip). I definitely felt worse than I had in a while, but with rest and antibiotics I am recovering.

Hopefully I will get some pictures of the "other" parts of Thanksgiving up soon!

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Anonymous said...

Matt took a great photo I hope he was not driving and taking the photo at the same time!!!