Friday, October 30, 2009

might be a while

It might be a bit before I can post anything new and inspiring. We had our baby girl a week ago and are trying to manage that. I did have two great food experiences in the hospital...

First I learned that a midnight snack of peanut butter and honey graham crackers is AMAZING. Big kudos to Nurse Molly who brought that little bit of protein packed deliciousness into my life.

Second, if you have to order off the menu at Methodist Willowbrook, trust me when I say to go for the chicken fajitas. They were really good and fresh tasting and the tortilla rocked. It was the perfect amount of chewiness and would have been easy to make into a good taco. Top off the meal with their oatmeal cookie. It was the perfect balance of oat/cinnamon/raisin flavor and the consistency was soft with just enough give to make you feel like you are enjoying a nice dessert.

I will get back to better food posts soon!


McKay said...

I know you will when you have time, but I just wanted to let you know that I miss your foodie posts. And that the molten chocolate lava cake is the single best food in the entire world. And your stuffed peppers are my new "bring food to friends who just had a baby or something food."

Jessica said...

Uhhh youve never had peanutbutter and graham crackers? its delicious i know.