Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 weeks to go or so

I went to the doctor today to be released from sitting rest...which I have been! The strep B test came back negative which is good (they won't have to administer extra anti biotics), my blood pressure looks good, and the baby's heart rate looks good. I went in for a surprise ultrasound (picture is not that great) to check on how things are measuring. The fluid levels are a bit on the "high" side of normal, but they aren't too concerned about it. The doctor has told me to resume all normal activity and I think she would actually encourage walking to get things moving around. I was still only 1 cm dilated, but things were thinning out and the nurse practitioner who examined me said she could feel the head (wierd!). I will go back next Wednesday for another ultrasound and appointment. Depending on the results of this ultrasound we will be discussing inducing. I am a little torn about what to do if she wants to recommend inducing. Part of me says we want to let nature take it's course, so no inducing and whatever happens, happens. Another part of me is concerned that this baby really would be difficult to deliver and I definitely do not want a c-section. Surely inducing would be better than a c-section...but there is the unknown of if we would actually need a c-section. Any advice?!?!?Also, if we had an induction date, then I would know for sure that the baby was going to be in our arms by a specific point in time. I think what I will do is to get up and moving around and do whatever is in my power to encourage this little one to decide it's own due date. Then we can evaluate the situation whenever Wednesday comes. I would really like to make it to that appointment on Wednesday because the students have a test on Wednesday and closing out the unit would be great! We will see what T-Rex wants though.

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The Allisons said...

This is definitely something that you and Matt are going to have to decide for yourselves, but I would highly encourage you to research the "cascade of intervention" in childbirth. This is something I have become passionate about after meeting SO many moms through my breastfeeding group that were bullied into inductions that led to c-sections (and who are now stuck with repeat c-sections or difficult VBACs). Once the induction process begins (usually with pitocin) you have to be on continuous monitors which limits your mobility (and walking is the best way to speed up labor), if labor stalls and they artificially rupture your membranes then the clock starts ticking because Dr.'s want you to deliver within 24 hours of broken waters due to infection risk, etc...
I would research, research, research!!! My midwives constantly reminded me that your body (in absence of an abnormality like gestational diabetes) will not grow a baby too large for you to birth! Your body is strong and knowledgeable!! Have faith in yourself! I am the biggest whiner in the world (and I have a very low pain tolerance) but birthing my baby was such an enjoyable event! I just kept reminding myself that labor doesn't last forever and that it wasn't the hardest thing I would ever do for my child! Had I have been in an environment with an unsupportive Dr., I KNOW that I would have ended up with unnecessary intervention (possibly c-section) because I stalled for so long, but my body just needed the extra time.
Sorry so long, this is just something that I am really passionate about! If you need to talk give me a call!
Good Luck!

Redden Family said...

I was induced at 38 weeks because of protein in my urine. Even if you get induced there is no sure way of knowing that you will not need a c-section. It will depend on how big that bundle of joy is, and how well they handle the pressure of the delivery. I was in delivery for about 10 hours and I still needed a c-section due to her heart rate droping and only being 5cm along. I have heard from people who have done both a vaginal birth and a c-section birth that the c-section is easiest to heal from. I don't want to scare you, but that is the reality of it. I hope you and Matt enjoy the rest of the time of just the two of you. Your next chapter is just around the corner and I know you guys will enjoy that one as much if not more than the other.

McKay said...

You should do like Ross and Rachel on Friends when she was trying to go into labor... :-)

Margaret said...

I liked "Mckay's" comment about Ross and Rachel. That's the fun way to try to get things moving.

We induced with both of the girls a week before they were due. It was a good experience both times.

I'm highly in favor of epidurals. I don't think I would induce if I wanted to go the natural route.

I was sad to miss the excitement of discovering that I was in labor the first time we did it.

The Allisons said...

Here is a published article that has a ton of evidence-based information, including ACOG recommendations, etc...regarding inductions: