Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home sweet home

Baby MacKenzie was ready to be released from the hospital much sooner than I was. We had to wait a good chunk of the day for mommy to take care of...we will call it business...before we could all go home. It was kind of nice being forced to sit around the hospital with no chance of visitors while the major storm passed through. Matt took a load of presents and bags to the house while I met with the lactation consultant to make sure Mommy and Baby were doing ok. It was indescribable to sit in the glider, feeding my baby girl, listening to the storm. I doubt there will be many moments in life that are as calming as that. Once mommy finally did her...um...duty...we were ready to go home. We got her dressed in the outfit that Auntie J and Grammy KiKi picked out for her. She loved the pink dress because it was not the typical pink dress that most babies go home in. She was all ready for her "Homecoming".

MacKenzie and Daddy yawning at each other

Her Homecoming dress...bright pink with a beautiful black sweater and matching pink bloomers! Look at how long she is!

The ride home was uneventful, Mattie went and got the truck since we were having such yucky weather. He wanted to make sure his girls were safe. We brought her into the house, very glad to be home.

Daddy carrying his baby girl inside

Baby MacKenzie has started to adjust to life at home pretty well. She is feeding pretty good, we are still working on getting more, longer feeds in...it will help her gain her birth weight back. She has been so mellow and calm so far that we feel really blessed to have her and hope that she is pretty good like this all of the time. Friends from our neighborhood stopped by last night, but we waited to have any other visitors. Grammy KiKi and Poppy are supposed to come by later, we are looking forward to having people come over, we just don't want to be overwhelmed. Last night we ate pizza from Papa Johns and watched some t.v. while we settled in to just being at home. Matt took over baby holding duty (until she feel asleep) after one of the late night feedings so mommy actually got some decent rest. We are all doing so well together!

This morning we had our first Mommy and Daddy bath. MacKenzie did great and squabbed a bit, but enjoyed being nice, clean, and warm afterwards. We went to the pediatrician as well today to check on how she was doing. They are rechecking her jaundice levels, but other than that she is doing well. When they rechecked her jaundice level she did not cry at all...such a good girl!!!

We will continue to let everyone know how we are doing and are so grateful for the support and love we have received from our friends and family. We are so thankful for our little girl and feel blessed to have her in our life!


mmnevill said...

Sounds like it was Ok that we didn't make it up to visit - I know the thought is nice and appreciated, but I know even just laying there and talking is exhausting! You guys remind me of Matt and I with baby Addison...MacKenzie seems very precious and sweet, and you guys are already figuring out the trading-off-so-Mom-can-sleep thing! Is Matt home from work all week? So glad you guys are home and having good family bonding time.

Ashley Howard said...

We enjoyed our visitors, but the forced break from visitors was nice too!!! We look forward to mackenzie meeting everyone else!!!

McKay said...

Wow! You're going to make all the other recently birthed mothers jealous with your awesomeness!