Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good things!

Here are some good things that go along with the bed rest:

1. Mattie has been doing an amazing job getting the house ready and cooking meals. He even made our dinner last night a double batch so that we have three extra meals in the freezer! He might take over my job as cook...not likely as I cannot wait to get back in my kitchen.

2. Matt's parents came yesterday to get everything in working order in the house. They did an amazing job and I am less overwhelmed about the house and have transfered all of my overwhelmed feelings to them and how much they worked to serve us yesterday. The nursery is actually about ready to function and the rest of the house is becoming livable!

3. I have been able to start catching up on reading and girly movie watching. I also have plans to do several computer projects (labeling all of our pictures, typing some stuff for HMH) and to write some good emails and letters.

4. My ankles are back!!! They look so delicate and feminine compared to how they looked just days ago. I never thought I would see them looking so good again, but they are here!

We have almost made it through the weekend on bed rest. Tomorrow my mom is coming over to help out and then I get to leave the house to go to the doctor's office Tuesday morning. Mattie and I reflected that it feels weird that for so long we were counting down the days until the baby comes, but now we want to count up as many days as possible. Each day this T-Rex stays inside is another good day of growth and development. So we are thinking thoughts like velcro and will keep everyone updated when possible.

Just for kicks, here are a couple of pictures of the bed frame that Mattie (with the help of our neighbor) built! It is solid and stable and has amazing storage underneath!


Marianne said...

Awesome! I am so glad that you are nesting vicariously through other folks . . . as long as it gets done, right?

We are going on Tuesday at 9 a.m. What time is your appt? Maybe we will see you then. I am praying for some good news!

Ashley Howard said...

We will be there at 10:30 it will be my first trip since thursday!

Dillon, Emily, Micah and Naomi said...

Ahhhh, velcro...I LOVE that stuff!!! We are praying for ya'll. Good luck at your appt. tomorrow. :)