Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bed Rest

We went in today for our appointment and to check the baby t-rex's growth. Apparently my food changes have been beneficial because the doctor is really pleased with where we measured at today. I did tell her that I had been experiencing a lot of pressure down low, so she decided to check me. With that she discovered I was 1 centimeter dilated, which isn't a big deal, but not exactly where they want me for having 5 weeks to go and this being my first baby. They then put me on the monitor to measure contractions and I had 2 in the 30 minutes I was on the monitor. So the doctor decided while they wouldn't stop the baby from coming, they sure would like to do everything to coax the baby to stay inside. So she ordered me home immediately and put me on lockdown and bed rest. No leaving the house or even my bed except to use the bathroom or get something to eat out of the fridge. She did say I could probably go up the stairs to watch t.v., but I needed to chill out with my feet up as much as possible. I go back on Tuesday to be checked again so we will see how things look then.


The Allisons said...

Take it easy! Relax and enjoy this time!! Read some books, practice relaxation techniques that you will use in labor (really helps!), meditate, talk to T-Rex!!

martha said...

Oh no! We'll be praying the bed rest does the trick and keeps that baby in a bit longer. Have Matt go to the library for you for books and movies!