Monday, August 30, 2010

New York City!!!

Last weekend we went on a little get away with Matt's parents to New York. We have enjoyed visiting New York each time we go and like that we have done a lot of the tourist-y stuff so now we can sort of sit back and enjoy the city.

MacKenzie did awesome on both flights there and back. She only got a bit fussy for the last few minutes headed to NYC (we were already landed, just moving to the gate) and slept pretty much the entire flight home (which was nice since we were on the tarmac waiting for takeoff for an hour). She caught a few naps and after the first night slept great in her crib. The first night she had been pushed past her breaking point and we had to pull her into bed with us (thank goodness we had a king size bed). I never realized how much this child wiggles in her sleep, she spent most of the night getting as close to me as possible!

Here are a few pictures of our trip and I will interject with the basics of what we did...

When we first arrived we got settled in the hotel room and then walked around a little bit. When in the elevator we saw somebody with a bag from a store called MacKenzie Childs. We knew we had to visit the store and we were hoping it was a kid or baby store (it wasn't). We did get her a little book from there as they have a small children's section in the back. We then went to Little Italy for the best pizza in the world...

MacKenzie sitting at Lombardi's enjoying the pizza!

With Dee and Doc outside of Lombardi's

We walked around Little Italy a bit and took the subway back up to our hotel.

The next morning Matt, MacKenzie, and I slept in a bit (this was the night she stayed in our bed...not good for sleeping) and Matt's parents grabbed some breakfast for us in the room. While they were out, Matt's dad discovered that they were closing Park Avenue all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge for bikers, rollerbladers, joggers, and walkers. They were also renting out free bikes if you didn't mind waiting a bit. Matt and his Dad decided to rent bikes (because how many people can say they rode a bike down Park) and saw the sights of the city in the morning.

Self Portrait

I want to ride my bicycle...

After they came back we decided to walk down Park to Central Park and look around. It was fun to walk in the middle of the street and not be too crowded to gawk at all of the architecture and stores.


At Central Park we looked at the zoo (which we were planning on doing Monday) and saw the sea lions putting on a bit of a show. We then found a pretzel vendor and bought the DRYEST pretzels ever to feed to the pigeons. MacKenzie liked the birds, but they are apparently well fed because they didn't stick around for long! She also enjoyed watching all of the children with their nannies, but was very confused by the naughty child who needed a good stern talking to and maybe even a good Texas spanking...

Daddy and MacKenzie at the Park

We started making our way back towards the hotel for lunch at a bistro near by, but stopped in FAO Schwartz to look around. That place is pretty amazing and had some really cool toys that I wish I had the money for.

Matt and I then went to see the Saturday matinee for Jersey Boys. The plot/script is not the best out there, but the music and performances were great! Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons really produced a lot of top notch songs that I didn't realize were theirs. Matt's parents watched MacKenzie and took her to the Rockefeller Center where we traded off baby duty! They went to fancy dinner and to Jersey Boys that evening and we met my good friend Katie for dinner.

The next morning we walked around (some more) and headed to the Yankees game. It was sad to see the lot where Old Yankee Stadium used to be, but from what I understand it needed to be redone in a bad way. We were surrounded by a family reunion in our seats at the Yankee game and the family was a little obnoxious, but we rather enjoyed our seats. It was misting and raining the whole game so we were glad we were under cover. Especially for the hour rain delay between the 5th and 6th innings. The Yankees won 10-0 and we got to see a Grand Slam which was pretty cool.
MacKenzie for one of the few moments she was awake at the Yankees game.

The rest of the trip is a little uneventful because the rain never really went away. We weren't able to go to the zoo as planned and we were going to get more pictures with MacKenzie in familiar New York places. We will have to take her back when she is older to do all those touristy things with her...and to eat more pizza at Lombardi's!

Part of our hotel...

I will be posting a concise review of each place we ate on my foodie blog soon, but will post a link here when I do...

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McKay said...

That was your hotel?! Holy cow! Totally jealous of your New York trip!

LOVE the photo of Dad riding a bike! It's just so cute!