Monday, August 16, 2010

Missing the WHC

At the end of last year as I packed all of my things from my classroom many people asked if I was sad to be leaving Cy-Ridge. I told them no because it didn't really feel like I was leaving. Every year I had moved classrooms so I was used to packing up all of my belongings. Additionally, every June we say goodbye to seeing each other every day and we say goodbye to our students some of whom (due to moving and avoiding us like the plague) we will never see again. This summer just felt like any other summer with a baby added into the mix.

This morning however was different. Today starts inservice for CFISD and next Monday all the little children will present their shining, smiling faces to their new teachers. And I am not a part of that. I am so excited to be working towards staying home with MacKenzie and looking forward to finding an income source that fits into the needs of our family, but it is still strange. For the past three years I have been a part of a very special teaching team. We genuinely cared about each other and for the most part enjoyed being around each other. Like any other group of people we had our differences, but we were like a family. So I think it is normal that I am feeling a twinge of sadness. I am happy and sad at the same time...I am sappy? I am had? Whatever word you decide that I am, know that the World History Crew (WHC) at Cy-Ridge High School was a very, very important part of my life and gave me some wonderful memories!

All of this being said, note that I am not sorry about missing filling out paper work, working on my syllabus, getting copies ready, thinking of those first few days of procedures... I am sorry to not be a part of a good group of friends though...

Part of the WHC when we were
victorious in the Social Studies Olympics
(this is very normal behavior for us)

All of this being said, the search for something part time or at home is still on...please forward on any ideas or suggestions!!!

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Kempf Kids' Korner said... is blog I enjoy reading and their most recent entry is about a work at home opportunity if you want to check it out.