Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 months old


Today you turn 10 months old, I can hardly believe it. Last night we came back from New York and your very first big trip/flight on an airplane. I will commit a post to that later this week. As we were driving home from the airport we passed the hospital where you were born at almost the precise time Mommy and Daddy were driving to the hospital to have you 10 months ago. What an amazing time it has been since then. You give us such joy and happiness in all that you do. We still aren't sure how exactly we have come to deserve you in our lives, but we are glad we have been blessed to be your parents.

This month has been quite amazing. You began crawling and are now a little speed demon who crawls around as fast as you can. You will sometimes crawl to follow us around, but you are also getting confident and adventurous so you will crawl off to play on your own too. You pull up on anything you can and think you can climb onto anything (the couch, the bed, Mommy's head). You also are doing amazing at taking steps when we are holding your hands and helping you walk. You aren't doing much creeping around the furniture yet, but that is probably not too far off in the future. You are so confident in Mommy holding you that you barely hold on to me and you are so trusting that when I pretend to let you fall you just laugh and laugh. You might be a little daredevil in the making!

Speaking of laughing, you do so all the time. You have been particularly good at making us laugh in the past few days which in turn makes you laugh and the cycle will repeat and repeat. You love to be tickled and you like when we make your stuffed animals "get you". Recently, Grammy Kiki and I discovered that you like to "accidentally" bump into people when you are being held and you will laugh hard for that! You love music and you always turn your head to listen for music on t.v. or the radio. You will bounce and bob to the music and have way better rhythm than Mommy or Daddy (or both of us combined). Mommy can appreciate how much you like music because even in the womb you were always active when music was playing. You have really gotten into books the past few weeks and love to sit and turn the pages. You will even pull out all of your books in the living room and "read" through them on your own for long stretches of time. I hope we continue to foster a deep love for reading in you. You love chasing after the basketball and plastic wire ball that are in your toy box. You also get a huge kick out of ripping paper with your teeth and playing with any mundane object (water bottle, bracelet, dust bunny, ect). You really enjoy watching your signing time DVD's as well, but are less interested in Baby Einstein. You have started to reach out for high fives and waving hello and goodbye, but you are very serious when strangers say hello to you. So many people approach you because of how alert and happy you are, but you always give them a serious and stern face!

You eat whatever we eat except for oats, seafood, and nuts. We will give you seafood and nuts at about a year to test it out and the doctor said to wait on oats for awhile since you were having difficulty with them. You have recently developed a love for macaroni and cheese, but also love yogurt, grapes, green beans, and crackers. If we have different kinds of food on your tray you will go for the green beans first! We are working on you drinking more from a sippy cup and even taking one of your nursings out in favor of the sippy cup filled with milk. You make a mess, but you are learning! Sometimes you will do a happy dance when you are eating which makes us feel more and more like we are raising a little foodie to be!

You sleep great, from 9:30 until 7:30 or so and lately have been taking two really great naps. This has been wonderful so Mommy can get some things done! When we put you in your crib you roll over onto your belly, tuck your legs underneath you, reach for your blanket, and pretty much fall right to sleep.

Thank you for a wonderful month. We love you so much and cannot believe that we will be planning a birthday party soon!
Hugs and Kisses,
We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

P.S. Pictures later!!!

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