Thursday, May 21, 2009

List... many of my readers know I am in the process of busily growing a baby. I will keep most of the baby stuff to my other blog, however I did want to share some foods the baby does and does not like...

Does not like...
Grilled Cheese (way disappointed by this was a craving)
Donuts (even Shipley's, which is the one donut Matt and I allow ourselves)
Food from Studio Movie Grill (or any majorly processed food like that)
Fried Shrimp (that was a bummer)
Skins on cucumbers (peeled are fine)
All meat pizza...or Little Cesar's the next day...

Does like...
Mashed Potatoes (even the flake/box mix...I regularly partake as an after school snack)
Macaroni and Cheese (craved it like crazy in Europe)
Chips and Salsa (which my mom ate incessantly when she was having me)
Sub sandwiches (my doctor approved deli meat as long as it is from a reputable place)

Foods that have been growing on me
Ice Cream (not with pickles)
Soup (any kind...I think the broth is comforting)

So overall, the baby has enjoyed healthier food rather than processed easy food. Which is good and bad...good because the baby is getting nutrients for the most part...bad because sometimes mama wants a corn dog, but knows baby won't like...


martha said...

Sub sandwiches was on my list of things too - nobody gave me permission, but by the time I was 7 or 8 months along, I figured it couldn't do much damage and ate some. Obviously no lasting problems. :-)

You might find that your/baby's tastes throughout pregnancy. I couldn't eat any meat the first few months and then had cravings for red meat later on.

The Allisons said...

I can third the sandwich craving which was weird because I typically hate sandwiches! If you want an amazing sanwich head down to central market and get a California connection! I ate 100 of these when I was pregnant!!